"You bring truth, depth and such shamanic knowledge. Thanks for showing up for the world!" Paula, West Linn

"Beautiful, amazing, gentle and yet so profoundly powerful." Kelley, ND, Hood River

"Thank you again. You are both so real and simply amazing women. Thank you for the love, support and everything. I am just in 'wow' right now. I am back, very changed and different...in a good way. What a long journey and you were such a big part of it."  Allen, Oregon City

"Barb (Magdalena) and Pam (Sophia) have been so transformational in my life. They have held sacred space, they have held my heart and my soul as I walked into the deep and brought back gold. I am forever grateful to have these 2 women in my life." Kathi White Eagle, Vancouver, WA

"The Priestess Process has helped me to embody my feminine wisdom, acceptance and strength to be who I really am." Joy, Portland

"A woman's group of such high quality is very rare. So rare, in fact, that I gladly travelled the 180 miles monthly to experience deep self discovery and supportive community." Kathryn, Seattle, WA

"You are so skilled and intuitive and your love, warmth and honesty put everyone at ease." Lee Ann, West Linn