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Are Your Genes Too Tight?! An exploration into your Gene Keys, Class 4 of 5

Within our DNA is held the gifts and the light of our existence. The shadow aspects of our lives hold the personal stories, as well as our ancestors and all of humanity of living a life in fear, deprivation and suffering.

When we have a better understanding of this veil of the shadow and can pierce its presence, the light, joy and gifts that are held within are freed. Our biochemistry changes and our emotional, mental and physical health improve.

I picture the strands of our DNA being wound tight and holding the source of our inspiration and gifts in its grip. As we loosen the hold we have on our beliefs and programmings, we allow a deep penetration of God/Creator/Spirit into our lives.

This work, by Richard Rudd is a beautiful process of coming into closer alignment with our gifts, which is always through the shadow. Even though some of you have done a lot of shadow work, this will provide a platform to focus on the gifts and acceptance. When we live from our gifts with awareness of our shadows, life shifts in a way that seems magical. Synchronicities occur when we shift our internal calibrations and light emanates naturally and with ease.

An energetic harmony of our minds, hearts, emotions and body shifts gradually. With time, we ease into alignment with our Truth.

Reading required of the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and contemplation of the material suggested between each week.

This is Level I and we cover Life’s Work/Evolutionary Challenges & Gifts/Soul Purpose/Radiance (Inner Light Source)

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