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Special Event: The Conscious Empath Workshop in Colorado

em*pa*thy - the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or the present without having the feelings, thoughts and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner. 

"The empath experiences the world through intuition."

There are varying levels of an empath.

When you hear someone say, "I know how you feel", an Empath really does know. Since I am an empath (extreme), I know how difficult it is to "BE" in the world. In this workshop you will learn how to use these same abilities that cause angst, anxiety, depression and sadness to learn how to expand in the world and love to BE in it!


  1. Have I been labeled too emotional or overly sensitive?

  2. If a friend is distraught, do I start to feel it, too?

  3. Ae my feelings easily hurt?

  4. Am I emotionally drained by crowds and do I need time by myself to revive?

  5. Do my nerves get frayed by smells, noise or excessive talk?

  6. Do I prefer taking my car places so that I have the freedom to leave?

  7. Do I overeat, drink or smoke pot to cope with emotional stress?

  8. Am I afraid of getting engulfed by intimate relationships?

Being consciously empath is having a knowing, yet maintaining a sense of self. It is not fixing or feeling responsible for other’s just because we have a knowing.

This is a hands on class where we learn to ‘intuit’ through our bodies and senses. We practice our accuracy as a skill building tool to properly ‘feel’ what is ours and what is others.

Emotions are an important subject we cover, expanding our emotional vocabulary to better understand ourselves and others and to express, with accuracy our feelings.



"I walk in the wold differently after this class. More grounded calm, centered and with a toolbox full of tools at my disposal."     

"The information you gave us was valuable and interesting. I especially found the exercises for expanding our energy and protecting ourselves valuable."                               "Your class was profound as it changed and helped everyone to be in this world in a much better way. We have amazing tools now! Your sense of humor is a very important part of your makes you so real and authentic."                                                       "I feel this workshop has helped me more than all the others. It brought them all together in a way that I can understand and take out into the world and my daily life relationships. I would love more!"                                                                                                                     "Pam, I feel your love, compassion and wisdom each time I am in circle with you."

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