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Full Day Shamanic Breathwork & Shakti Art Process - Planting the Seeds of Transformation

Using the power of the breath and powerful, evocative music, your soul is moved to show you the unconscious power of the inner healer. Everything is energy and through this modality, you experience exactly what your soul's evolution needs at the time. Combine this with an art process and personal processing and you are on the road to conscious change.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Gandhi

Shamanic Breathwork™ is a key component to living an empowered, passionate and transformative life. The breath helps us move through the cycles of life - incubation, pressure, transformation, celebration and surrender. If you get stuck in the muck of life or have lost your passion, float around from one thing to the next or maybe don't ever truly surrender to your higher calling.......join us and uncover and discover your truth!

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring your water bottle, journal, and a bag lunch.

Suggested Donation $70 Purchase in advance here. We will follow up with an email with instructions.