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S.H.I.P. #4 Soul Purpose and Finding Joy in Service

  • 3185 Haskins Road West Linn, OR, 97068 United States (map)

We hear a lot these days about Soul Purpose. Some of it is quite gimmicky but may lead you to get a glimpse of what higher calling you might have in the world.

We have found that Soul Purpose is much deeper than what we should 'do' in the world. At it's very base level of understanding, it is BEING in the world. Being comfortable in our skin and accepting the truth of who we are emanates an energy that attracts to you your outer calling. This is the way you interact with others at all levels of your life, not just a Life's Calling, although that will occur, as well. 

Finding joy in service is as simple as helping someone move or buying groceries without any strings attached. Of course, some people have a calling that affects a larger number of people. 

You will discover this through multiple experiences on this weekend including using the Gene Keys as a map and guideline.

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